I was told by my tutor I need to change the strings, I haven't done this before! I was going to start by changing my acoustic strings, I was looking at the D'addario ones. But have no idea which ones I would need - http://www.musicstreet.co.uk/strings-spares-acoustic-strings-c-111_117.html?osCsid=oeg0lv0ommo8b1c33pb9im3sj5

Anyone know what strings Yamaha FG700 comes with?

I also need to change my Fender Stratocaster strings, any help there too? I just have the ones that came with the guitar!
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For electric guitars i mostly buy the set called Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky. Theire size is .09 which is good for me, and i think that a strat would sound good with that size. So i would say, buy Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky for your strat
Well Dr strings are my personal favorite,
and i have been using them for two years.
never had a problem with them!

Dr to both your problems!
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