Hey guys, the bassist in my band is looking for a new amp, and we're not really sure where to start, ha

He's using a Fender Jazz bass, and has a budget of 200-500 pounds ( about 800 USD)

It'd be mostly for playing pop punk, but I'd imagine that's kinda vague, so a good all-rounder could be a good call.

Ta in advance.
For that price I'd recommend a used Peavey Max 450 head and 410TVX cab. You should be able to pick them up for around £200 each.

They sound pretty good and they'll run forever.
Only thing is the cab weighs a ton!

I'd recommend trying them out though.
Try Ashdown i think it would be good, Seen NFG and Grushka uses Ampeg so does Hoppus from B-182.

But i think Ashdown would do well at this job, i play pop punk on a Laney RB1 combo sounds good but could be much better.

Im gonna go out on a limb here from general playing around on my friends Ashdown that it would be a not to shabby choice.
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Definately get something with 10's. My first amp was a beautifully priced SWR head and allthough it was a great head, I would not recommend the SWR brand for punk/ pop punk tones. I heard peavey's stuff was good for a lower budget. I also heard Hartke was pretty good for a budget and the Ashdown Mag is a pretty solid choice too.
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