A wolf was born, cradling a radio in its paws,
making itself heard over the howling wind
and the incessant pausing between consonants.
The instructions told it to cry for help
when danger came 20 feet too near,
but a gunshot rang out into nothingness
and bounced off walls and coffeetable boulders
and imbedded itself in its shoulder
happily ever after.

That radio went many years back
and battery replacements before,
which wolves would change like woolen diapers,
and pass down like a heirloom ornament.
Years went by and the scratches on the buttons
become increasingly coherent with
illegible speech, and so that was when
they first learned to say 'hello'.

The next word was "milk", uttered over
sore nipples and happy mothers.
The cackle of the static echoed with
the numberous cries of baby foxes.
The patriarch of the pack found them
amongst a drying stream, and took them
under his wing.

Three months went by, the time it took
for tanned skins to take the form of pale eyed jewels
and the foxes were gone.

63 days later and the wolf was born.


p.s. anyone who I still owe crits, tell me and i'll get to yours, I promise. mamosa, i'll crit the next piece you write, all your others have been critted/criticized (which one is it?) to death .

p.p.s. also, I want a series too

I actually have written a bit in the theme of wolves lately, and have some ideas am quite fond of. (quite gimmicky, ha ha). Hopefully it won't rip off from White Fang or any other personified wolf-related stories...please tell me honestly what you think about it, and don't let my overly descriptive disclaimers prevent you from doing that.

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This had a stern swagger and authoritativeness to it. Even though some of the explanations and scenarios outlined were mysterious and "dangerous", it just swaggered on through it.

And I don't know whether that suits or not. I think it's just the really strong words make it so confident, when the content is so troubled and sad.

I'll read this again later.