if anybody has a problem with acoustic guitar 3rd string breakage with ELIXIR[ as i do] then they should get in touch with ,elixirstrings@wlgore.com,... and tell them the problem,.you might get some free sets or single strings from them,.i am constantly breaking the light 3rd [24 gauge]and the med 3rd[ 26 gauge] of the new set on the girst nite , i then have to replace with a non coated bronze 3rd of any make that i have to hand,.the cheap replacement string dosent break but as i kill uncoated strings with my toxic fingers , the string quickil goes dull,..my guitars have regular checkups with my friend who is a great guitar builder/repairman,.so its not the guitars or else the cheap non elixir 3rd would also break,, i dont change tunings at all,.i use DROP D on all acoustics,.i dont thrash or abuse the strings ,.i use a heavy gibson or dunlop toirticeshell copy plectrum,.the elixir 3rds break at many different points along the string so no 2 breaks are in the same place,.i have told elixir all of this and they have admitted that the design of the 3rds have 7 pounds more pressure than the rest of the set and this makes the 3rd more likely to break first,.they say that the string has to be this way so as to match the treble of the rest of the set,. but i have suggested that the core could be made a little bit stronger and that it would be better to lose a little bit of treble but still have the string last as long as the set does,.i keep emailing but the now just ignore me,,.all of the elixir string users that i know in ireland have the same 3rd breaking problem,.so if anybody has the same problem then please let them know and they might do something about iit,.thanks for listening,.
did u check ur tuners? there might be burs that are causing them to break. on the tuners of thestrings that are breaking take a real fine sand paper over where the string goes through and that should fix ur problem
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yeah if your not a trained guitar repair person, you should not automatically assume that elixer screwed you, call them up and complain etc... you will break strings forever until you fix the problem with your GUITAR. dont just look at the tuners, look at everything that touches the string. nut, bridge, bridge pins, a sharp fret. are you bending a lot when playing? you might not see the problem until you take the strings off.
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When I used elixers I did send an email off and they were kind enough to send me some replacements. But as they just continued to break constantly as in a different string every day. The whole they last longer thing didnt work well. I googled and found alot of people have problems with elixers breaking. For some they work great and are cost effective. But if your one whos elixers break alot then its time for another brand. It got real old replacing a string every day.