I really need to change out the original power tubes that came in my B-52 AT212, but I don't know what all I need to do/know in order to do so. I know there's a thread about tubes, but even so on that thread I get lost in all of the choices and stuff that I just don't understand which would be best to switch with, how or even what biasing the amplifier is, etc.

Also I remember I was told I need to find out how many and which kind of power tubes are inside of it. I remember I looked in the manual once and it honestly wasn't very clear on which kind it took. That was back about a year and a half ago and I switched out the preamp tubes with no problem.

Any help would be appreciated. Also please don't just direct me to the B-52 thread because I posted this there once and all they did was direct me to the tube page
mine went a week or so back, i haven't dont them before and I don't want to make a mess of it, so I'm just taking it to an amp specialist, and if you haven't before, I'd recommend just taking it to an Amp tech (This is an AC30CC2 for reference)

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The B52 at212 uses 4 6L6 or 5881 tubes.

Bottom line, take it to a tech.
You can't just swap the new ones in like pre-amp tubes, it will require biasing.

Don't try that at home, lethal voltages, extreme likelihood of electrocution and all that...

I recommend the JJ 6L6GC.

I had a b52 before it went on fire lmao so I think I'm qualified to answer these questions.

Firstly, the b52 at212 uses 12ax7 preamp tubes and it uses 6l6 poweramp tubes along with a 5AR4 rectifier tube.

Secondly, if you REALLY want to go through with changing power tubes then I suggest you check out youtube because there is a video showing you how to bias a b52 at100 (same chassis as the at212) and you'll need the manual.

I really don't remember where the video is, but if you look around you'll find it. Its simply showing you where the bias pot on the b52 is and where to place the multimeter (you'll need to buy btw) is located.

Also, go back and please read the tube thread, you only need to decide between jj's and electro harmonix tubes, because imo they're the only ones that sound good in a b52
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its in the manual. if not, open up your amp and rip out the power tubes. it will say on the power tube most likely 6L6 or EL84, mabey a 6V6 or EL34. whatever it is you want to get the same kind. doesn't have to be the same brand though. its a good idea to make a mental note of the orientation of the old tube as you take it out. usually 6 pins on a power tube. you'll see what looks like a missing pin, a gap in the pins. the tube only fits in the socket the right way. you want to look at where the missing pin is so you can put the new tubes in the same way without bending pins. even if its tight, you just have to force it in there. tubes are thicker than light bulbs. just have faith that its lined up with the socket and use as much force is necesarry to push it straight down into the socket. one last bit of advice is to remove whatever clips or covers are holding the tubes in place before removing the old tubes. you might see metal teeth, just bend them back slightly so they wont hold on to the tube your taking out. and please wash and dry your hands before handling tubes. grease is a killer. if your amp needs biasing just bring it to a professional. some amps dont have a bias adjustment some do. if not biased properly you run the risk of blowing tubes in a day. or you get lucky and its already biased properly.
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Ok, dont know much about the B-52 AT, but I would imagian there self biasisng like the valveking. So what you need to do is take the back off, dont worry, its hard to jack an amp up, look for 4 big ass glass tubes on the top, and there might be like grip claws on the sides of each tube, just get a rag and pull those down and just wiggle the tube out, try no to break them, they are thick glass and will cut the **** out of your hand.

Get the number off the side of the tube, and the brand name, and just find exact replecament tubes if you cant find ones you want to buy. But as long as it keeps the base number (6L6 works like a 6L6G) then you can buy any brand type.

To reinstall them just pull the claws back out again and push them in, they should only go in one way, so dont worry, just make sure the pins are lined up and dont get bent. But push them all the way in, you dont want a gap inbetween the tube and the base of the amp.

If you know what kind of tube it is I would suggest a few that sound good, Ruby tubes are alright, Solvtec tubes are pertty nice for the price. But just go here and look around.

This site should help you with everything if I'm confusing you.
I didn't like the JJ's at all, I went with mesa (actually a repacked sovtech) cause I have a mesa amp and its cathode biased. but if I didn't I'd try the wing GC 6L6. i hear really good things about them. really nice tubes.
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how difficult is it to build your own guitar?
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It's hard, annoying, and makes you want to punch a baby.
Wow thanks guys. Very very helpful.

Do you guys assume most small guitar shops have a guy who can do this for me?
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Wow thanks guys. Very very helpful.

Do you guys assume most small guitar shops have a guy who can do this for me?

Yeah, probably 90% have somebody that can do it, some may be cheaper.

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if any one wants it , i have the whole tube run down for the B52 At100 head/2x12 combo
tells what tube is for what on the amp. im posting it as a picture on my profile since i dont feel like making a photobucket and up loading on here..takes to long..haha

Here is a quick run down on the tube assignment:

V1 = Clean

V2 thru V4 = drive

V10 = 12AT7 for verb

V11 = FX

V5 = PI

V6 thru V9 = power tubes

V12 = GZ34

the picture will be in my profile for reference
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