This just poped into my head. Since humbuckers are basicly two single-coils wired together with rewerse polarity (or whatever, im not really sure), you should theoraticaly be able to do that with two P90 pickups. Has anyone ever tried that, seen that or heard about this on any guitar? Im just curious.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
guitar fetish sells some, I have one in a cort les paul knock off i bought from an estate sell, the guy got it used like 15 years ago... they sound suprisingly bright, but don't have insanely high output, or mine don't anyways... but yes to answer your question
I have one guitar fetish sells them
Even if someone did make them, that would just be...wrong. You don't mess with p90s
They make stacked and side by side p90 humbuckers. But they dont really have the tone of single coil p90s. Being as regular humbuckers dont fit in a p90 soapbar route and vice versa. For a guitar w 2 p90 soapbars it might be the only way to put humbuckers in.