I have been shopping around the internet for new music equipment and settled on buying a Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH and a 150W Marshall AVT Tribute halfstack. The guitar I have settled on and read many good reviews, but I have heard thet the sound that Fenders sound terrible through Marshalls. Is this true? and if it is, which is the best amp (via Fender a I think they overprice their amps) to use with a fender? Bare in mind I only have around £550 to spend on a 150 W amp and the AVT tribute is £500. Cheers
Wrong forum


which is the best amp (via Fender a I think they overprice their amps) to use with a fender?

Wait, you think Fender over prices their amps and you bought a MARSHALL?

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That will sound fine (Hendrix), but you're in the wrong forum.
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I havent bought a marshall and yes i do think Fender overprice. Its obvious they do. I was thinking of getting a Marshall.
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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (529GBP from GAK)
Orange Tiny Terror Combo (449GBP from GAK)
Peavey Classic 30 (399GBP from GAK)

Heads: (need cabinet along with it)
Bugera 1990 (JCM 900 copy) (366GBP from GAK)
Crate V33 (244GBP from GAK)
Epiphone Valve Junior (99GBP from GAK)
Orange Tiny Terror (289GBP from GAK)
Vox Night Train (369GBP from GAK)

Bugera 4x12 (198GBP from GAK)
Crate 2x12 (225GBP from GAK)
Epiphone Valve Junior Cab (109GBP from GAK)
Orange PPC 1x12 (186GBP from GAK)
Vox Night Train 1x12 Cab (154GBP from GAK)

You don't have to get the corresponding cab with each head.
Save yourself the agony, and don't buy the AVT or any SS Marshall or SS Fender for that matter.