So, a friend of mine has an epiphone les paul standard and broke one of the pickup mounting rings. since he cant handle a screwdriver, he asked me to fix it, I'v tried finding a replacement and they are nowhere to be found! I got an allparts one, but it seems to be sized a little smaller, and all the ones ive found online are made for gibsons which ive been told have a different shape.

so, where can I find an Epi pickup mounting ring, or is there a generic one that will fit?
Here's some at Greasy groove. Clicky
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Standard Gibson pickup surrounds will work.
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Others will fit. Its just the 4 screw holes that dont line up. The epis use metric so the holes for rings, jack plate etc are off from the inch measurements used on US made stuff. Unfortunatley aftermarket rings will leave the screws at an odd angle to engage the old holes, yet new holes dont work well as they are so close to the originals.
Wait... Gibsons don't fit. Iv tried... So there's no epiphone specific pup rings? That seems silly... Its a widely used brand why the hell don't they have parts??
Just one of those things. Everything here is made to inch specs which fit gibson. Maybe someday the US will be dragged into the 20th century and use the metric system like every other country in the world.
i took the gibsons and drilled out the corner holes to be a little farther apart, and the screws worked, albeit at a small angle

its still very silly that there's no replacements available for an easily broken part on a very popular product.