So I have a bogner alchemist 20/40 1x12 combo I bought off of ebay (the only one that was a real auction). Anyways I am thinking ahead about building an extra cab for gigging when the time comes. So here are some questions I need answering.

quick info:
Alchemist™ 1x12 combo
40-watt class-AB power section with 20-watt variac mode
Two 6L6 power tubes
Five 12AX7 preamp tubes
Premium components
12" Celestion® Vintage 30 speaker
Channel 1 (gold): Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, Crunch mode, variable Bright, Deep switch
Channel 2 (mercury): Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, variable Bright, Mid Shift
Effects, running in parallel: Reverb Type, Reverb Level, Delay Type, Delay Level, Delay Repeats (Feedback), Tap Tempo
Four-button footswitch (included) controls Channel Select, Boost, Delay and Reverb
Open back
Retro-modern fit-and-finish
Parallel effects send/return with level control
65 lbs. 25.75" W x 21.75" H x 10.25" D

  • Should I just buy one of theirs? They have the 2x12 extension cab available.
  • Can I just make one? on the back of the combo is an option for single 4ohm or 8ohm pair. Not really sure what this means. and do I need to stick close to the wattage of the amp to get a good sound? (aka 40w speaks as opposed to 120w)
  • If I make one, can I make 2, 3,4 seperate 4x12 cabinets? What's the amps limit? does it even have a limit?
  • Is it worth it? Should I invest in a good microphone set up for PA systems?
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Wait until you get it and see how loud it is - I think for gigs you've bought the perfect amp.

Congrats on your buy

Most clubs / pubs have good mics for PA's anyway, and all you would really need is an SM57.
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Thanks for the info. I just hope the Dick Riddlers at UPS don't destroy it like they did to my JC-120 (had to send back / get replacement)
Unlucky with your JC-120 - hopefully you wont have any problems with this.