I was told by a friend a while ago that an iRiver mp3 player will have better sound than an iPod because it has a better quality pre-amp.
1) Is this true?
2) how much of a difference does it make?
3) would i be able to hear the difference through fairly standard headphones (i spent ~£25 and they are "traditional" out earphones)
4) any brands to recommend/avoid

EDIT: i'm looking for something with 20GB+ of storage ideally - i also use it for data. Budget is as yet undecided

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You'll only really hear a difference if you've using decent headphones, but sometimes it really can make an audible difference. The best sound quality I've heard out of an mp3 player was on my Sandisk 'Sansa Clip'.
My Cowon S9 sounds ****ing brilliant (listening to it now ). My Spinn was fairly good it certainly sounds more 'natural' compared to my touch but the player lagged with the flash theme ruining the whole experience, Iriver have been putting out some fairly crappy players as of lately and it shows. But do check out Cowon/Iaudio they have some really great sounding mp3 players.
sound quality went out the window as soon as the songs were compressed to an mp3 file. your talking the difference between poop and turds at this point, imho. if you want good sound quality, invest in the real CDs and a hifi stereo.
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