Howdy. First post.

Little back story. Way back in the early 90's when I was a young punk I was in young punk bands. Played crappy instruments, listened to less "refined" music. Still like it, but I'm into different things now. Fast forward 15 or so years and I've picked up playing the instrument again after abandoning the practice through college.

I started off playing bass this time around since every band needs a bass player. Bought me a really good bass guitar, average rig. Got pretty good pretty quickly and dug out my old, badly intonated, in desperate need of repair Peavey. Cleaned it up, but there's just no real saving it.

So now I'm gonna buy one or two guitars.

Couple of things I'm interested in right now. One of them is a reissued Dan Electro U2. Not the last batch of reissues, but the ones with the stacked pots, vinyl binding, and the logo silk screened onto the pick guard.

But I also thought about getting something a little more appealing. Really thinking of picking up one of the current runs of Brian May's Red Special. Not any of the boutique releases, but the mass made ones that you can grab for around 800$. I've read many reviews online, especially Harmony Central, but I'd like to weed out some legit reviews and not assume that what I'm reading is a fanboy review.

If anyone can offer their opinion of either instrument, I'd appreciate it!
The Danelectro's have very thick necks, just to warn you. Oh, and the trussrod is only accessible from the neck pocket. Other than that, it's all personal taste. I for one don't dig the sound too much, it has it's uses but those are few. I'm working on my Dano actually, putting a Bigsby on it and some P-90s.

But i've always wanted one of those Brian May guitars though, they rock.
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Most Danelectro reissues offer outstanding value for money but are, at the end of the day, usually either plywood or basswood.
Like I said though, they're decent value so if you like the look and the vintage vibe then it's a good little guitar.

The current Brian May is pretty damn good too; it's a passable imitation of the original with tweaks that keep it accessible (the original has several distinct idiosyncrasies) and reasonably priced too. The pickups are quite unique; almost P90ish to my ears. I daresay it's one you ought to try, but the quality's great, so if you know you want one and can't find one to try then ordering it is probably not a bad idea.
But i've always wanted one of those Brian May guitars though, they rock.

I hear they have some pretty thick necks as well. One of the reasons I'm asking for opinions. Potential pics of the guitar on it's profile as well would be awesome.