So, I've been trying to record my covers with my brothers new camera which records in HD. I've already recorded one video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m-rsbUDMag) with it where I recorded the audio through the camera. In all of my other videos I'd record my audio into the computer and sync it with the actual song in audacity, then record me playing it in a video and sync the track to that on Windows Movie Maker. Well, I wanted to do that same thing with my brothers new camera. It comes of the camera in .MOV format which won't work in Movie Maker so I used AVS Video Editor 4 to sync my track I recorded with the video. I opened up the video and the sync was perfect, as it progressed through the video though the sync got worse and worse. I don't understand at all how this happens. I know the video doesn't speed up because it's the right length for the song, and same with the audio I recorded. So I thought it might be AVS Video Editor. I then converted the .MOV file into .WMV and synced the track and video in Movie Maker. Same outcome, perfectly on sync at the beginning and then it gets worse and worse. I'm completely baffled and dying for help because I put hours into recording this cover. I would upload it to youtube to show you, but it's HD and takes 2 hours to upload. It just progressively gets off sync. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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Side note, I'm not sure if it's getting progressively worse or if it just hits a certain point and becomes really off. It seems like at 30 seconds in its like 1 second off, then a minute in it's like 3 seconds off and stays that way for the rest of the song