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Anyone else feel like they're stuck with a company? Like they offer stuff that other companies don't offer that you really like? For me, I feel like I'm stuck with Ibanez because of their necks and trems. No neck can compare to the Wizard Prestige for me. But it's mainly the unfinished aspect of it. I can adjust to a different neck profile. And I think the design of the Edge Zero and Edge ZR is brilliant. If someone gave me $5,000 for a guitar, I would still buy an Ibanez.
you could just build your own guitars, or just sand off the finish off another guitars neck and install the zr trem
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Kinda stuck on Jackson and need a guitar with a FR. Played a les paul last week, it was nice but I was happy to get back on my Jackson.
yeah as you can tell by my sig, i`m a ibanez nutter,i like vox and boss and EH for effects (but have started looking at tc electronics for a rack system) and once i get my carvin legacy amp + cab i`ll be set.

it`d would be very easy to take this thread towards a "who you would be endorsed by" thread though.
ur probably just talking guitars, but im severly stuck on danelectro pedals (the series right above FAB, with all the food names). they make decent stuff for DIRTY DIRT cheap. im not really into effects, so i need something cheap just to mess around with, and i have yet to find a DE pedal i didnt like, let alone for the price.
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Quote by ibanezgod1973
it`d would be very easy to take this thread towards a "who you would be endorsed by" thread though.

Mine would definitely be Ibanez and VHT (Fryette)
ESP/LTD and Tanglewood. One for electric other for acoustic. Take a guess which one

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Fender man here. Most other guitars feel odd to me.

I think a lot of people stick to what the people they grew up listening to played. (That doesn't go for everyone, but the majority.)

For instance, David Gilmour played strats because all the people he listened to played strats.
Not really stuck on electrics, but more on acoustics. I just have an overwhelming bias towards Seagull acoustics. Sometimes I think I'm stuck on EHX, all I ever think about is buying more EHX pedals, I think it's something to do with the funny names.
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My favourites are all Carvins, but I´ve never had the situation with only liking a single brand.
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Dave Weiner influenced eh

I've never even heard of him, but I just love the VHT tone.
Fender here.

Nothing will ever beat a Strat for me. Telecasters are just as good too. Heck, I would happily play any current production Fender. They feel so 'right'. My Strat just feels different from all other guitars that I've played.
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Sometimes I felt stuck with Marshall, then realised that there's much more stuff than that and that other brands can sound at least as good as them.
For my next guitar I'm stuck with B.C. Rich, because of the Mockingbird ST with OFR, which I can get new for under 500€.

But I don't really feel stuck to a brand.
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I'm a fender guy for sure, all of my gear is pretty much Fender lol. Would like a Les Paul though
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Not really. I'll play anything so long as it has the feel, sound, and vibe I'm after and if I don't like it I'll either mod it or change it, so long as I can afford it. I love my Charvel to death and if I had more money I'd buy a custom shop model, and that's because I adore the vibe and the necks, and with the right tonewoods and pickups they sound fantastic too. If I didn't want that vibe, I'd buy something else. Simple as that.

Brand loyalty without endorsement is, to me, sort of subconscious imitation of the rock star you want to be. If the shoe fits, fucking wear it, dude.
I'm kinda stuck on Schecters. I am slowly getting attracted to Jackson too. I played a few and thought they were great. I couldn't get myself to love an Ibanez or epiphone/Gibson though. and I'm kinda partial to ESP/LTD's. especially the EC series.
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Brand loyalty without endorsement is, to me, sort of subconscious imitation of the rock star you want to be. If the shoe fits, fucking wear it, dude.

It's not about brand loyalty, it's just that certain companies do certain things. I could care less who's name is on the headstock of my guitar or who else uses it, as long as it's good. I would play anything with a Wizard Prestige neck and an Edge Zero or Edge ZR. Unfortunately, only Ibanez makes those. I would love to get something else but the cost isn't justified when you like it less than something you already have that works perfectly for you and what you play.
nah, not really. I mean, there are obviously some companies which i like more than others, and some which I'd never envision buying anything from, but by and large I have quite a wide range of disparate stuff. I actually like buying stuff from different manufacturers, as a change is as good as a rest, kind of thing.
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i've always been an ibanez fan. i'm trying to sell off my guitars now (no money!) but i know ibanez is a brand i can always come back to.

i don't consider myself a "fanboy" for anything really, but i always come to ibanez's defense i've had my fair share of arguments with a friend of mine over ibanez's quality.

anyway, i love their necks, pickup configurations, and trems. they've always just made pretty damn decent guitars, in my opinion.
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I sort of try to get something different each time as I don't like repeating myself. Though it's going to be hard to not get another Carvin what with those prices for those features. Hard to beat it.
A PRS would be wicked if they weren't so expensive.
I'm stuck with Gibson and Schecter because thin necks make my left hand cramp, and by thin I mean even relatively thin, I can't play rhythm on Fenders. Of course, that doesn't really bother me, a beat-to-**** black or plain-top sunburst 50's neck Les Paul sounds perfect. Any other thick-ass neck-using companies you guys want to toss out there? I'm aware of Warmoth's "boat" profile.
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I realy like the feel of B.C. Rich, but love ibanez just as much i think. If B.C. Rich would make more standard shape guitars i would prefer them i think, the wacky shapes make them ahrder to play sometimes.
I don't feel like im stuck to it but i really like the Les Paul shape, it just fits me perfect.
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nah, not really. I mean, there are obviously some companies which i like more than others, and some which I'd never envision buying anything from, but by and large I have quite a wide range of disparate stuff. I actually like buying stuff from different manufacturers, as a change is as good as a rest, kind of thing.

Dave lets be honest you'll follow any guitar brand that makes a guitar with a 43mm nut
I'm stuck on pre 2000's Gibsons, especially the necks on thier 70s and 80s Les Pauls and SGs. I could definitely play a Schecter though, it would just be an adjustment.
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ESP electrics... The necks are so much more comfortable than Ibanez necks because they're nowhere near as paper-thin nor are they as flat.
Taylor acoustics... The tone I get out of them is the way I like it: crisp, trebly, and defined. Plus they're damned nice guitars.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
Guitars- I would go with Ibanez

Basses- I'm torn between Spector and Fender
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I absolutely am in love with Gibson necks. I would marry it. I have longer fingers and the fatter neck of the Gibson supports my hand better and I feel that I have more control. I value that over speed.

Gibson for guitars and my KJL is kickass, even if he only builds three models.
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And you're right

Gibson>Moog>KJL>Homebrew 2x12

Saving 4 any one of these:
Soldano Hot Rod
Splawn (anything)
Laney GH50L
Cornford Roadhouse
Marshall JCM2000
KJL 4x12 to match KJL head
Because of the features I want in a guitar, and the price point, I've narrowed it down to either ESP LTD or Schecter.
I know what you mean. And I completely agree with you on the Ibanez Wizard necks. They are so smooth and sleek, it's kinda tough to move to anything else. When I first got my Gibson Les Paul with a finished neck, it was a big change. It felt like my hands were sticking to the neck, and it was tough to move around. But eventually you get used to it.
Yeah schecter does everything for me neck, playabiliy and spec wise.
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DBZ guitars, love'em. Especially their Les Piccolo model.
Yea, I'm not entirely sure who I like the....

*looks down towards his signature*

ah ha!

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Jackson's. I'm always wanting one for some reason.

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I've been PRS man since I started playing guitar. They're perfect for me and if I had the money, it'd be the first thing I'd buy

EDIT: oh, and I had forgotten my other love, Ibanez! The first electric I played was an RG and I've liked them ever since (just not as much as PRS). If they released a 7 string RGA with trem, it'd be my second buy without a doubt, I've wanted one for years
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