Im looking to tab the A Day To Remember song You Had Me At Hello but I cant figure out two things:
1)The tuning
2)Where to put the capo (If applicable)

If you can help that would be great!
pretty sure it's in standerd
and i'd guess that its capo on the second or third fret
Capo 2nd fret. Standard tuning, focus on hitting the higher notes than the lower ones in chords.
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I'm pretty sure there is NOT a capo in this. Listen to the beginning. It is played on the high E and the D string . When I play this live, I have NEVER used a capo. Granted, if you need to tune up for your vocalist or for yourself, go for it. But the studio version (both versions, there were 2 'old records' released, the ORIGINAL "And Their Name Was Treason" and the more recent "Old Record") are NOT played with a capo and they ARE standard tuned.
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