I'm trying to record an acoustic cover of the song "Handlebars" by the Flobots. Easy, simple, just trying to get something together with a new mic I just bought, a Shure sm57. Mic's great.

I was just wondering if Audacity had any effects that I could apply that would make my voice sound more distant, and give the audio a crackly, cheap sort of feel.


Link to the original song, any help would be greatly appreciated.
No need for an 'effect', just sing further away from the mic. A dynamic mic like an SM57 is poor for most vocals and tends to give you a cheap feel - just sing a few inches back from the mic (like you would with a condenser) and you'll get that slightly distant, cheap sound.

Otherwise, try messing around with a high-pass filter.

I think we're so used to hearing vocals from a top-notch studio condenser, with lots of compression and reverb, that dynamic mics tend to sound cheap and flat. That said, there are some situations where dynamic mics work well for vocals - plenty of big names have used SM/Beta 58s for their vocal tracks.

Though the audio on Youtube is so poor it's very hard to tell whether it's supposed to sound lo-fi or is just compression artifacts.
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Thats serious compression in the beginning. And maybe a little bit of hi/low passing.

Also, try singing with a toilet paper roll over the mic, should produce a similar effect.
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