I plan to customize my guitar with some pickups. I have a six string Schecter Omen and play through a bass amp using a Boss distortion pedal. I have picked out some and I wanted to know if pickups really add something special. Here is my problem, in distortion many of my notes buzz, most noticeably in the high end (B and E sting) and when soloing. And by that I mean badly buzz, leaving a gross sound amplifying through my amp..eeckk...not good. So I'm wondering if some new pickups (because I'm still using stock which are cheap little Schecter ones) would help the sound...well sound nicer. I play mostly hard rock like hair metal, Metallica, and even some Dream Theater. Anyway..here's what I'm looking at so far. The Dimarzio Air Norton installed in the neck and Dimarzio Steve's special in the bridge position.


Air Norton always a good choice in the neck but a Steve's Special is a h.o. p'up designed to not distort so the webpage says. I would just put the cash toward a rig upgrade.
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No, pickups will do squat. You need to practice to improve your technique. Also, pickups won't do much anyways as long as your using your boss pedal and a bass amp.
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