Ive asked this question the last week, but still no one awnswered me...
FO you think it would be good for me to switch a set of EMG TB-1/SB-1 for H4s?
people dislike passive emgs such as the hz the best advice is if you want emg's get their active versions
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What about HZ+afterburner?

anything that has hz is a passive pickup, so it would be unadvisable
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anything that has hz is a passive pickup, so it would be unadvisable

But why all the hate to EMG passive pups?
I have the H4 set and I like them. They actually behave pretty much the same as the 81/85 set except they are more of a mid gain pickup.

Most people dont like passive EMG's because they want the balls to the walls gain. In that view...the actual "tone" of the active EMG is not considered as much as other passive brands.
Since they don't buy the active pickup for the tonal properties that stand alone...buying the "tone" without the gain is a waste of money.

The passive set does pack a punch with a nice compressor, but its the same as comparing a Squire Strat to a Standard Fender. The Squire can sound great, but its not going to have the tonal presence or the sustain that the Standard has. (comparing stock models..of course)

I think that the passives can do some hard rock and light Industrial metal, but If you want to get the most out of a passive..EMG is not the brand to go with. They do not have the organic tone that other brands have. For some reason EMG's have holes in the tone. When you have the actives..the dynamics are so bold..you dont miss them.

Without these tiny elements of tone...Chords dont come to life sometimes. When drop tuning, the chromatic powerchord riffs dont have enough warmth to avoid being abrasive.

With blues the H4 set is nice because of the natural vibrato-ish? tone they have. This vibrato would definately make the actives better.

I have tried to give you a few valid reasons why I believe you should go with another brand. Bareknuckles are expensive and you have to wait a few weeks..but they are amazing. Seymour Duncan, Gibson, and Dimarzio all have models that will spank any passive EMG. Afterburn it all you want.

If thats what you have to work with..you can still make great music. Just dont spend any money on passive EMG's unless you know exactly what sound you are doing for.
If you do not know exactly why you are buying them...chances are...they will not have enough headroom to continue using as you get better.

I.E....You will outgrow them.

IF you have open coil EMG's in and you already have the H4's..put them in ASAP.
The guitar will sound better. Those EMG selects are crap. I played mine for about 12 seconds before I gave up. If you are asking about a Cort...those things can sound really good with the right pups.
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