What would be the best pick to paint my guitar fast and easy without changing the sound quality? I'm thinking of just little drawings on the pickguard and some parts of the body..
what kind of guitar is it? and dont draw on a guitar! its just as degrading as putting guitar hero stickers on your guitar!
hmmm it's a cheap Peavey Raptor exp plus.. I think the body is made from poplar...
I was messing around in photoshop and I got some nice vine designs for pickguard and back of the body, (which is sunburst) but since I don't know much about guitars I don't intend to disarm the whole thing.

would spray paint work? or the one used for t-shirts?
Quote by jfvela
or the one used for t-shirts?

NEVER! guitar is wood . shirt is cotton!
hmmm my girlfriend paints with oleum and acrylic and some other stuff, will some of that work?