was wondering if anyone could help me with this,
i play in drop C the most and occasionally drop A#
what string gauge do you guys recommend for that?
and what brand?

any advice would be appreciated
I use 12's and I play in drop C and occasionally drop B (or A#, whatever). And the brand depends on your preferences.
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D'Addario 12-54. I use them for C standard, and they made my amp come alive. When i used 10's, it lacked fullness/depth. Now it sounds amazing.
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Is it just me or is more people starting to play in drop C standard and A#? But use the search bar next time, I have answered this question like 10 times this week.

But to not be an ass, it depends on how your guitar is set up, like for me I use .10's in Drop C standard and I dont have any problems. But if you want to be safe, use .11's or .12's like reccomended.
I would say that the lower the tension (the more you drop down), the heavier the string gauge. So strings with a high-string gauge of .11 or .12 would probably work best. Although, if you want to go back to standard tuning, these strings are gonna pretty stiff. It's a good strengthening workout though...
thanks guys,
sorry about not looking it up on previous posts
and i have a second guitar for standard tuning
just need to get new stings for the one i play in drop C,
anyways thanks everyone