The situation goes...

I just got my guitar set up for 11-48 strings, truss rod fixed, intonation perfect... the whole deal.
Now, there's a performance coming up where there'll be one song to play in drop C. I have time to retune my guitar, because other performances are in between that song and the rest of the songs in standard.
I do not have the luxury of bringing more than one guitar to this because of transportation.

My question is, I know the intonation for drop C will be off, BUT!... when i bring it back to E standard, will the intonation be alright?
So really, since it's set up for E standard, will dropping the guitar to drop C a few times completely screw up the setup, even when I bring it back to E standard?

Shouldn't be that much of a problem, especially if it's for less than 10 mins.


Ask Jenny in the ultimate guitar set-up thread in the Electric Guitar forum, I trust no one other than her with my set-up questions... No offense to you other guys, that doesn't mean you're wrong.

(But be careful... She's a cop! )
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Unless its electronic drums.

I am playing with a LesPaul, tune-o-matic bridge and stop-tail piece.

I will have to do with for rehersals as well. I mean, it might be picky of me, but I have to rehears with what I'll be playing with.
So, it'll be that way for maybe an hour at a time, going right back to standard for days before I go back to that hour of drop C