I've been playing for about 1-2 years now and i've always had this problem but never bothered at all.Its about the high 3 strings of an electric guitar.The strings on my guitar are kinda-decolored, i wouldn't say rusty, although it can be, i dont know what the heck is it. So basically they are black after 2 days of buying a new set of strings, and can do nothing with it. I wash my hands everytime before playing, clean the strings after playing, and when not playing it, i'm keeping it in its case.It doesn't feel like its REALLY rusty, or anything, but i can feel that the plating has came off from them, and they're a bit rougher.So if anyone could help me by telling me what am i doing wrong, or what is it, i would appreciate it. Thanks.
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what kind of strings and do you live in a humid environment?
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Do you keep your guitar set up in your basement or something? High humidity may be what's causing your strings to deteriorate so quickly. Also if you're getting like packs of $2 non-brand name strings or something, that could be another reason.
this happens to me after about a week,

No idea why i just leave them and buy a new pack every 2-3 weeks anyway

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