haha warming up my ass :P anyways, nice playing.
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Wait until he's trying the fullstack, then shove it from behind. Crushing him with it's overdrive

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You can't tune a LP copies down. Some kind of lawsuit Gibson won. Sorry.
break out of coventional scales.You are obvilously talented but shread is not the be all end all of guitar.It is okay to slow it down and groove with it.But who am I to say whats what.All I can say is that I have been playing guitar for over half my life and I have seen and learned many things.And i suppose, so have you.I don't know..It was cool but not really different from any other shredder I have heard.i have always viewed technicallity and talent as two completely different things.
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I was about to diss kornflipsk8er, but then i realized hes an 03er and im an 09er.
I am inferior to him.

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I am fairly certain that kornflipsk8er is GOD!!!11!!!!1!!