I found I music school here nearby:2.5hours of theory(and also music history and stuff) and 1 hour guitar a week.
And it's classical guitar(spanish acoustic).You have to do this 3years before you can go to electric guitar.Could someone tell me why this is?

I'm 18 and I want to learn electric guitar but I'm willing to practice daily 3 to 5hours(don't want to become pro or something,just be 'good' and play in a band).I like punk:blink 182,good charlotte,cauterize,sum 41,...
I'm already practicing on acoustic guitar I found here at home(1.5-2 months).

Do you guys think it's a good idea this music school thing?

(Btw sorry for my bad English)
You could always self-teach yourself electric guitar at home and learn acoustic at the school.
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Yeah that was my plan at first.But I don't get why you have to learn classical guitar first and then electric?
so you will be good and learn how to play guitar, and not just songs.
take classes to learn real music. punks easy just learn power chords and have fun.
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Quote by TisPyon
you dont. its just the schools preference i guess

exacly, it could be a classical music school. that was my prior school and the classical playing helped me a lot. The theory lessons were awesome too, probably it's not an "only guitar" school, so theory wont be just for guitar and you must translate it for guitar for yourself, but i'm sure that will make you a better overall musician. An clasical playing is awesome, dont diss it.

So I should do it you think?(tell me why also)
And yes it's a music school/musical academys,so they teach a lot of instruments.