ya so i was talkin 2 this girl, and she said brokencyde had more talent than bodom. (as well as that brokencyde actually has talent)
agree or disagree?
*note* i am a metal head that hates emos *hence random emo kill* (randomly kill emos)
*more edit, she also said any emo band can outplay cannibal corpse, bodom, and malmsteen put together, agree or disagree?*
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Disagree, nobody likes brokeNCYDE on here, so I'm guessing everybody else will say the same thing.

It's also a fact that Bodom has more talent then some guys with synthesizers and vocoders that can both scream, and write lame-ass lyrics.
1. What the hell is she doing out of the kitchen
2. She's a woman, what does she know?
I don't even know who brokeNCYDE is.

Although I will stick up for Alexi Laiho cause hes a bad ass motha****a.
I will stand by all this drinking if it helps me through these days,
It takes a long time just to get this all straight.
brokencyde is talentless mysace band, that cant sing, cant scream good, and has lame rhymes and beats
Children of Bodom is epic chocolate covered sex, with a amazing guitar player, Known to all as Alexi
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dud ei dont give a **** who the band is if it's emo it sucks ass
and Bodom, Corpse, and Malmsteen are all totally badass
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emo is ****, most of the ppl that play that style of music are not very talented musicians, saying one of then could out play alexi is kind of a joke
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