Sadowsky maybe? I'm just guessing here
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Manson probably.

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Pretty sure it's a Manson. I watched them on Later... With Jools Holland, and he's wearing a Manson strap. Why else would he wear the strap?

(Plus it really looks like some of Bellamy's Mansons)

EDIT: Just realised that the bass on Jools Holland is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT bass... Oops.
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As far as I'm aware, the only Manson he has is an 8 string bass.

Looks more like his mirror plated Fender Jazz Deluxe.

EDIT: Now I've gotten to a pint where you get a good look at it, instead of a split second, I'm pretty sure it's a Fender '51 Precision.
but it has a humbucker i think. ive never seen a 51 p with a humbucker.
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It's got a humbucker AND the P-bass pickup. Obviously he's customized it (the finish isn't something I've seen on a 51 P-bass).
Well whatever it is, It's a Fender. Anyone else would get sued for using that headstock.

It could be a Warmoth neck, of course, but I doubt it.
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probably not of any help, but i think it is the same one he use in the gig at teignmouth for un-disclosed desires
It is a fender, he recorded,Resistance, Undisclosed Desires, United States of Eurasia, and Uprising with it on the new album
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