So, my Jazz band directer decided to make me the guitar soloist in our jazz ensamble. Which is a cool thing, I guess . The problem is that he wants me to use my own amp (cause our rhythm guitarist uses the schools peavey bandit), but I have a less than amazing crate amp. So I figure I can scrap together about $350 for a new amp by the time our competition comes around , I Just need a point in the right direction of where to go looking for amps with good jazz tone (because until about three months ago I was strictly a hard rock / Metal guitarist, but I'm doing to jazz to branch out my styles). I was thinking about the Vox AC4TV/V112TV Half Stack, but if you think there's something better I'll look into it. Cheers

Long story short: I need a good amp that will be able to comp smoothly and cut through a full jazz ensemble during solos.
I know you noted the $350 dollar part but if money turns out to not be an issue go ahead a get a marshall half stack. They're pretty versatile.
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get a high end solid state, tube amps break up at higher volumes and sound bad for jazz


I say Peavey Vypyr 75.
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Im not really sure of the price but I'd imagine a USED Roland Jazz Chorus would be around your budget. From what I hear they have awesome cleans, and since its solid state it wont break up and you'll still have that jazz tone
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I think you should get a roland cube 30. Or that um 15 watt amp they have, I forget what its called, It was so many effects useful things, for a solid state, that your balls may fall off
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I know you noted the $350 dollar part but if money turns out to not be an issue go ahead a get a marshall half stack. They're pretty versatile.

This would be perfect:

Or this:

If you want to stick to new items, have a look at the Bugera V22. It's a surprisingly good Vox-esque tube amp for exactly $350, and very impressive sounding for the price. It's also got the balls to handle heavier styles reasonably well if you get bored of jazz.
A Peavey Transtube would probably be my second choice.
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i really like using smaller fender tube amps for jazz ensemble performances. (Assuming your doing to standard swing and big band style pieces.) also i love using ampeg tube combos.
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