What are you looking to record? I'd spend less on the computer and more on the interface/montiors/mics etc. Unless you plan on doing lots of gaming/video editing, or want to open a professional public recording studio, it's overkill.

Don't bother buying a pricey PC from one of these specialist audio places when a $500 rig will do just as good a job.
holy **** man no no no no. those specs are HORRIBLE for that price. Do yourself a favor, build your own computer. Its not hard, and I can walk you through it step by step. I can tell you exactly what parts you would need. Give me a price range your looking to spend and I'll give you the info you need to make the best computer possible for that price.

All you need is MAYBE a screwdriver. Everything else is simply just a matter of plugging it in right.

I paid about that much for my computer including a few upgrades over time and it trumps the hell out of that. I'm not including my current gfx card though (its an upgrade from my old one)...which is the top model you can get from Nvidia right now. You dont even need a good gfx card for audio production anyway, and either way both my new and my old gfx cards still beat the one they have in that machine.

Nothing on that computer you linked is special at all. Its in fact one of the worst deals I've ever seen.
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...is loaded with an Intel Core2 Duo 2.8GHz processor with 4GB of RAM providing power for plenty of plug-ins and virtual instruments, and lower latency.

I record with an 1,8ghz dual core processor and 2GB of ram and it's fine. so this PC could be GREAT if it costed 700 bucks, but not 1,200. Don't look on MF for a PC.
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