Hey everyone! I am thinking about putting new pick ups into my Schecter S-1 Elite which is a mahogany body guitar. I currently am playing that guitar through a Randall RG75 G3 Plus.

Right now it has Duncan Designed humbuckers and I want to replace them, but I'm not sure about which pups to put in it. I play mostly metal (Disturbed, Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Atreyu) and occasionally play some clean tunes.

I've heard that the Seymour Duncan JB/59 set is really good, but I want to get some other opinions. Thanks for the suggestions.
If I didn't have *active* EMGs in my guitar I would definitely have that pickup set TS. The reason I say that is because my guitar was stock with the 81/85 set, and to change would have been a waste of money, and really complicated. And they sound fine. Any future guitar I get with passives will have at least a JB in the bridge. I've never not liked a guitar I've played that had them in it. If you really are looking into other stuff, take a look at DiMarzios, maybe the evolution series?
Are they actives in the guitar right now? I know alot of the C1's right now have those Duncan Designed ones and their usually listed as actives.

I'd probably atleast get a 60 if your going with EMG's. It's supposedly better on the clean end of things.
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i would have to say get an emg 81-85 set

I don't think I will get active pickups. I've always played guitars with passive pickups and I don't want to switch to actives yet.

Keep the suggestions coming, but passive pup suggestions would be the best. Thanks again.
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