I was kinda going for something like The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin with this. The middle section with all the back and fourth panning thing didn't turn out as I planned, it's a little out of time, but it was pretty hard to coordinate.

It's in my profile, and I will return crit, just leave a link.

btw this is almost 9 minutes long, in case you don't feel like listening to a 9 minute song.
I'm a big fan of Zep and you definitely capture that certain vibe in your song. At times the guitar felt a little thin to my ears. Recording method maybe?...or maybe just the tone you set for the guitar? The melody was very cool. Was that a flange you had over your guitar?

FYI, the back n forth section sounded fine to me. Not sure what your intent was but I got the impression that you wanted to do a call and response thing between the left and right guitar.

Please visit my profile and leave me some feedback on my tunes. Much appreciated!

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Thanks for the crit.

It sounds thin mainly because I'm using a Strat, and I record through USB. Plus I have thin strings on my guitar.

It was a chorus actually. I have it set pretty deep though so you can kinda hear the sweep, making it sound like a flanger or a phaser.

Yeah I was going for a call and response thing there. There's also a call and response between the 2 other guitars, but they're not panned as hard as the others.

I'll check out your profile in a bit here.
Alright, I sorta skipped around it a bit, so I didn't really here the whole thing. Dude, that was tight! Especially when the big guitar comes in. I heard no bass, though...it did sound Zeppelin-esque.
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Thanks for the crit. I was in a rush when I recorded it thats probably why its sloppy.

I really liked this. Very relaxing man, very easy to sleep to. Can't really hear any7 bass but I think it sound sgreat without it. The thin sounding guitar adds to it though. Nice job man, very zeppelinish.
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You shouldnt hit the snares that hard at 0:55, Its a bit surprising, too.
The guitar at 2:30 sounds a bit odd.(arabic?)
The drums are a bit boring and unoriginal, he uses his crash cymbal WAY too much.
he part at 5:00 made me smile, I don't know why, it just made me happy.
at 5:50 it turns really epic. It sounds a lot like rush, one of my fav bands.
The part after that, around 6:40, is a bit long.
7:00, the solo, is great, but you should let the other instruments play something basic instead of constantly that. It will emphasise the solo a LOT.
Anyway, it's simply amazing. Great job.
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Thanks for the crit.

I'm not actually a drummer, and they're programmed, which would explain the boringness of them. I don't like the thing with the snare in the beginning either, I wanted to do little cymbal accents and buildup things, but it's like impossible to do that convincingly with a sequencer.