What's the first memory you guys can recall?
Mine would me being in some sort of house, probably a friend's house, and there is grown up guy making me signs to be quiet from the back of the house. Kind of creepy in my opinion
you stole my thread idea!

my first memorie is falling from the tallest stair in my house, crying and finding my uncle in boxers back in the days he had the grunge look
I don't have memories only what I see right now, I've already forgotten what this post says.
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I can't tell if my oldest memory is in fact my oldest memory, or if it was only a dream I had, but I choose to believe it as it was a memory.

Sometime around the age of two(under the age, in fact), I had been nursing on my mother's bed watching the evening news in my old home. That's my oldest memory, I think.
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I remember this big white light, and there was a massive beard, and this booming voice said "This kid's gonna be huge, best thing the planet earth has ever seen." Then another voice said "Uh, God? I think you made him disproportionate.." And God shook his head and said "No, it's supposed to be that huge."

Now I've got a massive thumb.
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When I was in the hospital with pneumonia. I was about 2.5 or 3 years old at the time. I only have a few random images of it though. I'm pretty sure it is the oldest memory I have.
I remember throwing up on my dad the day my parents brought me home (a week after birth). Crazy, huh?
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Being in that small house I lived in in 93-94. I vaguely remember a Smurfs cartoon on TV at some point.
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My first memory is riding around with my dad in his old VW Kharmagiah (idk if thats spelled right) probaly listening to Alice Cooper, not to sure if it was Alice but wouldnt be a huge stretch. We're big fans
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I was 4 and I was in my friend's backyard pretending to be a snowboarding powerranger by standing on her swingset and acting like I was snowboarding. **** was so cash.
I remember me and my sister pretending the bottom drawers of our dresser were cars...then the dresser fell on top of us. :S
my earliest memory is being breast fed.
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I don't have memories only what I see right now, I've already forgotten what this post says.

There's actually a syndrome similar to that, you don't know that something exist unless it's on your line of sight. Anyone know about it? I think some babies have it.

I'm not even lying, I remember seeing the galaxy from the outside, then "flying" into it, and going through our solar system, then entering earth.

**** was crazy.
Probably the house that I lived in for several months when I was 3 or 4. I remember being scared by the furnace, since it was right outside my room, and I thought it was some sort of monster. I also remember that my room had some nasty red carpet.
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Playing duck duck goose and finding a crapload of ants crawling on a piece of bread outside school. I was 4.
being on a plane towards canada, reaching for a bag of opal fruits, then on same holiday, sleeping in a bunk bed, going on a speed boat and being bowled over by my uncles hunting dogs. good times at being just under 3 years old.

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My earliest memory is that of me waking up in my bed in my house in Chicago when I was three years old. It was around 9:00, and my brother and sister had already gone to school, and my mom and I were about to leave for daycare.
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When my mom and dad used to live together and my mom would drive me to preschool.
3-5 years old I think.
I was laying on my bed and my mom was in the room and I said "I want bottle of milk!" and she said "you're too old for that now" I think I was like 3 maybe
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When I was a 56 year old German commander, can't really remember clearly, but I used to have a sexy Charlie Chapin mustache.
hmm earliest memory...wow this one's hard. i guess kindergarten, was outside during recess with my class while we had cupcakes

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When I was a 56 year old German commander, can't really remember clearly, but I used to have a sexy Charlie Chapin mustache.

omg! is your name by any chance...

...napolean bonepart!!
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I have a bunch of 1-2 second soundless memories of being a toddler that I can't place very well chronologically.
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I remember sitting at my dad's retirement ceremony for the Army when I was just barely 4 years old. I was sitting next to this guy in a uniform and I still remember what he looks like.

Then, I remember the apartment we lived in on base. It was pretty nice. There was a glass vase with roses in it. In that apartment is where my brother flipped me upside down and dropped me on my head on a plastic toy on the ground. Ouch. And, in the same apartment, I walked into my parent's room one time and our cat decided to scratch up my face :/.

Annnd, I remember after my dad retired from the army that there was a waiting period to get the job he has now, so we didn't have a lot of money coming in. So, we sold our totally awesome computer. I was pretty sad the day the people took it away.

I also remember this blue futon thing where I watched kids cartoons.

That's about it, I was 4 around the time most of this happened, and I'm 16 now. I do remember a bunch of other things, but they're kind of all over the place. I can only remember little things here and there.
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I vaguely remember a scary stuffed monkey from the house my parents were first at, I think I was about 2. It might have been a dream through.
The earliest clear memory I have is begging my mom for chalk passing by burger king. I think I was around three.
i remember when my brother came home from his first day of school i ran around the house for somewhere to hide, i was like 3 or something
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