Currently i'm running through a randall RX120RH with a gnx3 multi-effects processor, a dunlop wah, and an electro harmonix Metal muff. As of now i'm only using the Gnx3 as a source of delay, reverb, flanger etc... When i use the metal muff and i try to combine it with some delay and whatnot it doesn't blend well with the sound. The randall does have an Fx loop but im not very familiar with how to use them, If i were to use all 3 pedals, how would you run them?
I would personally run the wah first, then the metal muff, then the gnx3 if you are only going to use it for delay, flange, etc. Let me know if it works out ok...
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Well, if everything goes into the front of the amp, you would put the processor into the amp before the distortion so your effects sound clean. I can't remember the order of the loop plugging order, because I've only done it on my friend's amp a couple times. You need four cables for that setup if you use the loop.
I don't know about the fx loop but if you are going to run direct into the input I would do wah, metal muff, the gnx3.