Hey all, came across a craigslist listing today in my area featuring an archer electric. Looks nice, but I have never had any experience with Archer guitars. He is looking to get about 200 for it, claims it was 550 new, i could probably get him down to 160. Claims it is american made, has a new locking nut, and new humbuckers (it is HSH configured). What do you guys think?

My only experience with Archer has been from Firehouse Music in Grand Rapids. They used to sell cheap strat knock-offs that weren't high quality at all. I have one of those, it's not terrible, and it was good for modding, but nothing special.

However, I can't say much about their "high end" guitars. Go check it out and see if it sucks or if it's ok.... you can probably tell by playing it.
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