Preacher! Preacher! Can you help me now?
Preacher! Preacher! I've fallen from my cloud!
Preacher! Preacher! Save my soul!
Preacher! Preacher! Pull me outta this hole!

Screaming! Screaming! With no sound!
Falling! Falling! Waiting for the ground.
Fighting! Fighting! Against myself.
Losing! Losing! my health.
Trying! Trying! To get out.
There's Blood! There's Blood! Coming from my mouth!

Cowering! Cowering! From my fears.
Drowning! Drowning! In my tears!
Watching! Watching! The world outside.
Searching! Searching! For a place to hide.
Ashes! Ashes! Raining down.
Burning! Burning! The City to the ground.

Slowly, Slowly, losing my mind.
Breathing, Breathing, For the last time.