haha nice. your own post maybe? just a guess
That guy was probably trippin balls when he typed that up...
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I respect and value your opinion.

Just kidding. You're a fucking retard.

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You want to strap a bunch of used mattresses to the walls?

Why not just roll around naked in medical waste while you're at it?

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medical waste isn't free on craigslist
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That guy was probably trippin balls when he typed that up...

bitch be trippen balls
Gotta keep my eyes from the circling skies...
tounge tied and twisted just an earth bound misfit...


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not hated
The guitar for fifteen dollars plus six used strings for free!!! You have to admit, it's a hell of a deal.
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I went as Darth Vadar to a school dance before.

Sure I got kicked out, but the DJ played the Imperial March and I just felt badass.
I roftlmaool ed.

1 illegall busking performance :P
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Mr.Cuddles killed The Metal!!!! FUCK YES!

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Mr Cuddles pretty much nailed it...

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"Oh Mr.Cuddles, you make my pants go boom boom. I are horny. Do not disappoint I"

Viscara (my band)
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haha nice. your own post maybe? just a guess

Nah, I just thought it was funny. Have been looking for a guitar and would buy that, but I don't live in Melbourne.

1906 gigs in front of a mirror in the bedroom

193 gigs at bbq

311 drunken jams

1 illegal busking performance in Dubrovnik

I lol'd heartily.

I laughed at the comment someone left. And the reply xD
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i busted a g-string while fingering a minor...
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0h @nd U M@Y H@V3 2 T@LK L1K3 TH1S..... 1TZ TH3 L@NGU@G3 0F TH3 FUTUR3
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My old band teacher once called me a penis wrinkle.
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I laughed at the comment someone left. And the reply xD

Yeah the russel crowe thing was quite good.
Here's a better sales pitch:

Hi I am selling this (insert bidding item) to future rock stars, bluesbreakers, folkmen, tricks, and metalheads. I used this effect for years and it was a reliable pedal, I used to be in a band called "Simple Tone" a Christian band that we played to mentally challenged children. We were a Simple Plan cover band but when we were looking for a drummer, my friend Len told me about a drummer named Armando who played for a church downtown. So we visited the church and the presence of God touched our hearts and from that point we realized that we must play 2 chord songs for the mentally challenged. We made such small time hits like "We're Having Meatloaf Tonight?" This pedal will rock your socks off whether you play Christian/pseudo/ambigious/rock music or just rock music in general.

A real add placed in my local papers classified section, I wonder how much he paid for that much space
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LOL nice. I liked the bit about hiding it with the black case you get
This will start a RIOT! in me