haven't been here in awile, been really busy with class and work and the signed band thing. I get a chance to make something every once in awile, i just finished this bad boy a few days ago, the neck, god knows when it will be finished, but its whatever :

i have since sold just about all of my guitars, all i have is one left and its already spoken for and will be shipped out within the week. i figure if i am out of guitars, i will be more motivated to take time away from class and work to make some. I still have tons of wood for sale, and since i dont really care anymore id let it go for what i paid for it, or even less. still sitting around my shop are a few neck-through blanks that are glued and planed, wings, whatever.

so whats new on here, ive been looking at some newer builders, and it looks like we have quite a few ormsby caliber posters now, thats good.
very nice

if u sold all ur guitars, what the hell do you play then?
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They stopped asking
Welcome back! Lookin' nice.
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You have a walnut stop sign banjo-tar signed by MAB

˙ןooɔ sı uosɐǝɹ ןɐǝɹ ou ɥʇıʍ ƃıs ɹnoʎ uı ʇxǝʇ uʍop ǝpısdn ƃuıʇʇnd
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very nice

if u sold all ur guitars, what the hell do you play then?

I think he means all the guitars he's made.

Anyway, 'sup Kyle? That's awesome looking.
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Nice man, as always. Any idea when i should expect my hardware?
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you build guitars worthy of sexual favors

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My newfound love for Teles combined with that thinline sexiness made me jizz my underwear. I hope you're happy.

Seriously though, that is damn sexy.
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You, fine sir, have impeccable taste.

Ahhhh Yuck Fou.
Aw. Looks very similar haha. How's the sound difference between the two? (sapele vs african mahogany)

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