As a child I grew up on Cornell Rd. in Danvers, Ma. The house was a good size ranch, grey in color. Out front there was a long rock wall acting as a containing wall for the front lawn which wanted to spill right out onto the street. A steep driveway rode right up to the garage branching off the house, great for sledding in the winter or riding a skateboard down in the summer. It has had more blood dropped on it from scraped knees than rain in the spring. But thats not a bad thing. Behind the house sat a giant above ground pool with a cement patio surrounded by shrubbery of all different colors planted in bright brown mulch. Towards the end of April or beginning of May when I smell new mulch I still connect the odor to running around the house playing tag and having it rise up to my nose. A big tree sat to the left side of the house with one blue swing hanging off of it. I would know it was autumn when every leave on the tree was red and yellow, the other trees never mattered much. There were too many of them, most of them dying, but the bigger one was full of life and you could tell it was because of the way it changed from year to year.

Cornell road is a dead end that opens into a field that chases two ways; into the woods, and into the Thorpe school. My grandmother would take me on nature walks through the woods every so often. Nothing less than jeans and a long sleeve shirt, ticks were her biggest fear next to lightning. So on a humid August afternoon when the clouds opened up above the ranch, I'd be huddled up in the hallway with her listening to loud strikes all around us. After the storm sometimes the sun would come back out and the grill would get turned on. The grill was old and faded blue so in a way it matched the gray nature of the house. Usually there would be steak and red peppers sizzling on the old iron frame. Bug spray was always noticeable in the air because of the nearby woods, and I could smell it on my arms when I laid down in bed on a summer night. Not any one detail in particular gives way to me imagining the house on Cornell road, its all the little things that sort of piece together that create the larger idea. It wasn't a home at all, it was a foundation. Everything I learned there is what holds me up to be the person I am today.
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i suppose there's a chance
i'm just a litte too shallow to consider
that maybe i've been a little more eager
each day to wake up and take a shower
brush my teeth and smile for the mirror