Hi all,
Sorry if these questions have been answered in another thread, but I am having a lot of difficulty reading these tabs.
I am not only a noob here at ultimate-guitar, but I am also a beginner at playing guitar, so I apologize ahead of time for any wrong terminology or dumb questions!

OK so I am trying to play this song here:

I understand the chords that are shown at the top
0 means open string, x means mute.

But when I put the arrow of my mouse over the chords that are shown that correspond to the lyrics, it gives me blank strings with x's on them and I have no idea what that means in correlation to the chords given at the beginning of the song.

Also, for this song here:

It doesn't really have a chord chart like the first song did, but when I click "Show Chord Diagrams", something comes up with just x's and 0's and I have no idea what to do for that either.

I would really appreciate it if someone would explain this to me before I start playing. Thanks in advance!
It's a chord diagram. It shows you which strings to mute and which to play.
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the chords given in the diagram at the begining of the tab are the chords you are probably going to use. When you hover over the chord in the text its giving you the proper chord shape to the name of the chord. the first box represents the first fret of your guitar. the "X" shows where your fingers go. For instance when you hover over G it shows
---G---(sorry for the bad formating)

in the chord diaram in the tab (at the top) when you see an x it means mute that note. rest your finger against (as in B7 - for this you would wrap your thumb around the neck and rest on E and play the note - note will not ring out but give a thud sound)

now the reason the G in the chord diagram (CD) (at the top of the tab) is different from the chord shape when you hover is becauase CD "G" is a common variation of G (proper shape when you hover) its actually a different name, but used so commonly in songs that everyone calls it just reg. G. CD G produces a bit fuller sound. Hope this helps.
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