Here it is.
I'd like some opinions on this. Any *constructive* criticism would be greatly appreciated.
This is also best listened to without RSE, since I use instruments that don't have RSE patches, to avoid delay between tracks.

7.8 Acoustic Thingy 01.gp5
7.8 Acoustic Thingy 01.gp4
7.8 Acoustic Thingy 01.mid
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This song had its good bits and it's not so good bits, but it was enjoyable to listen to.

The intro is pretty good but the piano in the background doesn't really fit there, IMO it clashes with the guitar, specifically starting from bar 13 to 24, it sounds like speed for the sake of it IMO.

The transition between the clean guitar and the electric doesn't seem to fit either, the two sounds are just so far apart and IMO, the drum track doesn't really fit here, it's sort of hard rock riffing with a soft drum beat, two clashing voices I reckon.

I like bar 42's theme where the chords ring out, it has a nice sound to it but would do better with a light distortion IMO, but that's just GP's sound. Bar 52 seems a bit forced and not thought through IMO, sounds a bit like you just wanted a time signature change here.

I like the feel of bar 60, nice use of time signature changes and all, may I suggest that you play some different notes instead of the open D between the other notes? Bar 76 to 79 aren't needed IMO, if you cut that out and swap straight to the ringing out chords, it sounds way smoother.

I really like your keyboard solo, the rhythm guitar in this part really complements what keyboards very well. However, the guitar solo doesn't sound as well thought out in comparison to the keyboard solo, sounds like speed for the sake of it again.

The riff from 127 to 132 sounds strange to me because it's sped up, perhaps you could slow down at the end of the guitar solo and go back to the chords that ring out? I find that that progression is a really good transition fill and is really my favourite part of the song.

The outro starting from bar 44 has a really nice feel to it, really enjoyed this but the guitar solo sounds like speed for the sake of it again, I would have preferred a slow, melodic solo but the harmonized guitar in the final bars sound very nice.

Overall, a good attempt at jazz fusion, just a few transition errors and minor clashes and the guitar solos need a bit of work but solid effort!

Can you please crit mine in return?