Hey guys, I recently got one of these pedals to fuel my deluxe reverb. But there is one issue. To power my pedal I have purchased a Dunlop DC Power Brick. The problem is that neither the 9V nor the 18V power cables fit my pedal (Which the pedal should run effectively on). This is my first drive pedal so I need the help. Both of the power cables I tried go in about 3/4 in to the pedal and wont go any further. The only option that springs to mind is pulling the battery out..but other then that I'm clueless. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
lol i just used a 1spot so lol
G&L ASAT special
some pedals,,.,
tc nova reverb
ernie ball vp jr.
crybaby wah,
fulltone ocd
keeley katana(soon