Up on the block today is my old Valkyrie Floyd 24.

24 frets (really need a dressing)
Mahogany body with beautiful wine red finish
Maple neck, rosewood board w/ cream binding
Headstock has an extra hole form a "SG" truss cover (slightly angled)
Gold Floyd turd exchanged for a cool black Floyd Schaller copy with pop-in arm (much nicer trem)
pups exchanged for Guitarheads Actives (really brutal pickups)
Still has the tarnished gold Grover Rotomatic 18:1 tuners and locking nut.
The stereo jack could fit better, but it works.

Overall the guitar is a bit rough, but it still plays and sounds good.

Im looking for $200 + shipping or a trade offer that I like. I don't really know what I like yet so don't be hesitant to offer a trade.
Any questions you might have just ask them.