...never explored new lands?

I mean, like way back in the age of exploration, what if they just stayed in their continent and never ventured out to explore new lands? I'm just wondering what our modern world would be like today without them.

the modern world would only be in europe and asia because the natives in north america dont believe in this modern stuff
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It's human nature to discover new things/places, so for Europeans to not want to find crap out, there would have to be that creative spark missing. That would mean that the human race wouldn't advance very much, since they don't give a damn about improving/discovering things.
hitler probably would have won.
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The native indians would discover Europe and rape everyone ,teh edn,.
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if the europeans had not explored, the places still would have been discovered, by asian countries probably

also places like N. America & S. America were found completely by accident

yes it would have changed history completely and life might be completely different, but it would still be similar


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The Aztec Empire would have continued its growth and most likely would have stayed above the level (in terms of advancement in general) of European cities, as it was at the time of Columbus and the Spanish explorers.
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