looking for a bass, was looking for a p or a j but i play mainly metal & just want a bass where i can get sort of the best of both worlds. ive been looking at fender, EBMM,lakland, schether or however you spell it
check out peavy basses
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For metal I'd think Ibanez, Spector, Schecter, Peavey, ESP, etc. I wouldn't immediately go to Fender or Lakland for that, not to say that it wouldn't work though.
I would highly recomend looking into Spector
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I would highly recomend looking into Spector

Amazing basses, but imo they are not a good example of the best of both worlds from a p and j. I think the active p special will fit you well TS
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i would try yamaha. if the lower level basses are anything to go by, the higher end must be pretty damn good. having played some of the higher level yamaha basses, they are.