When you break a string, should you replace all of them, or just the one that broke? Thanks in advance
I change all of them unless the set is new. If the rest of the strings are only a day or two old I'd only change the one that broke.
just change the one you broke. I'd only change all of the strings if I were planning on performing in front of lots of people, or maybe if I were recording.
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yeah, absolutely, change only the broken string, unless all of them are old! Another advice: if you must perform in front of lots of people, don't change your strings just a few hours before, because new strings need time to keep the proper tune!
If you break a string at home, replace it as soon as possible (I replace whole set when one string breaks, since that is a good sign that strings did they time), unless you have intention to practice to play without a string (which can be helpful here and there).

If you break a string live, unless you have a reserve guitar, have other band members entertain the crowd in some way until you replace it.
Change strings at least one day before the gig, and stretch them well, so they don't get out of tune every 2 minutes.
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