Hey everyone...i think i learned how to harmonize but i dont know how to find scales. so it would be a great help if someone could tell me what scale this is in.

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to figure out scales figure out how many sharps or flats there are then check out a picture of the circle of fifths. it will tell you what the scale is depending on how many flats or sharps there are. you have the whole scale there, no missing notes to guess.
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all i can tell you is that it actually isn't a C Minor? : \

What? It is in C minor lol TS your key is C minor
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What? It is in C minor lol TS your key is C minor

ahh, you ruined his chance to figure it out
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ahh, you ruined his chance to figure it out

You had me doubting myself for a second there
The goal isn't so much to tell him the scale used for the riff (which is C natural minor). Just knowing that is useless when TS encounters future riffs. However, knowing that the riff is in Cm will allow TS to analyze the riff and deduce why the riff is in Cm.

Why my determing that the riff is in Cm could have come strictly via note analysis, the pedal tone on the dropped C string is an almost dead giveaway as to the root. From there, the riff is obviously in a minor key, so it must be Cm.

TS, my challenge to you is to figure out why the riff is in Cm by exclusively using note analysis. Feel free to post your answer, not post, or tell me to fuck myself. However, such an exercise will help your understanding of this concept.