Hey, I still have 3 pedals for sale...a lil change in the prices

Digitech Distortion Factory - $55 shipped

BBE Sonic Stomp - $70 shipped

Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah - $60 shipped


The Ibanez was on hold for someone but they had to back out so its back up for grabs.

Also, I'm thinking about selling my...
ESP EC100QM left handed guitar - its in pretty good condition except its missing both volume knobs (which can easily be replaced but thats up to you) but both controls still work fine. and maybe a couple scratches on the headstock

For the ESP I'm trying to get a feel for what it would go for and to see if anyone would be interested...I'd like to get at least $200 for it (it was $300 when I first got it about 4 years ago) but I'm open to hear all offers. If you like then throw out some offers and lets see what happens

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