Hello, first time poster here. I've been playing classical guitar for a good couple of years but not very much lately. However, ever since I stumbled upon a couple good fingerstyle guitarists I've felt an urge to play almost every day.

Unfortunately I feel limited by my classical guitar because I can't really "tap" on it and any harmonics below the seventh fret and almost including the seventh fret are pretty weak. The drumming doesn't really have a good sound either, but I've known that since I tried playing flamenco. As for the slapping.. I guess I've just played really roughly on those notes.
I figure that I can overcome some of the difficulties, replace tapping with harmonics or summit and just focus on mastering the power of my lower fret harmonics should make up for some of the difference.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has experience playing songs like "into your heart" by Antoine Dufour or "rylynn" by Andy McKee.

Does it sound good? My experimenting has given some results, but my doubts kinda screw with my motivation.

link to songs I want to try on the classic guitar:
Mother - Antoine Dufour

Into Your Heart - Antoine Dufour

Rylynn - Andy McKee
No reason that you can't play that sort of elevator music on nylon, maybe a little more demanding for the left hand than steel for a clean result though.
Get to it.