Im planning to build a cab. I want this to be able to be used with my current amp (Crate Flexwave 65W) and hopefully a Marshall DSL50 later on.
Im not sure what impedence my Crate would take? Would a impedence of 8 Ohms cab work in it? The Output Rating is 65W rms @ 5% THD, 8 Ohms, 120 VAC and the speaker is running at 8 ohms. (I'm guessing the impedence is 8 Ohms correct me if I wrong.)
I have no idea which speakers to get. I want a clean sound with lots of mids. As i want a total impedence of 8 Ohms I would need; in series 2 x 4 Ohms or parallel 2 x 16 Ohms. So would it be cheaper to have 4 ohm speakers or 16 ohms? Which speakers should I get? (preferably something cheaper)
there is a good thread, maby a sticky somewhere to help with this
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i heard that for a solid state amp there is a minimum impedance recquirement so its okay if I go higher then the recquired impedance.
So my amp's minimum impedance is 4ohm so i can stick a 8 ohm cab in just fine as its greater than the impedance of the solid state.