I mean both brands are more piano-oriented, but I always value Kawai more...today I went to a music store and the boss told me Kawai is a copy of Yamaha. I mean...I am really confused....I always thought Kawai is a more reputable brand than yamaha...whether in piano or guitar.
It depends. Both make good things. Kawai is a large company though, like Yamaha. I think yamaha is just more popular here because they have a wider range of products that we recognize.
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yamaha is well known for their guitars. their entry level and lower guitars are well-made, well-finished and very good in their price ranges, particularly their $200 to $300 solid top guitars, which are excellent for the money. their L series is known for great sound and good bang for your buck.

i've never read on any board about kawai guitars, nor has anyone i've known in all these years of playing owned one.
I had no idea that Kawai made guitars...do you have any links to any of them or no? If so, please share, I'd love to see them......

but yeah, Yamaha is well known around here for their guitars; they're affordable, well-built, and sound nice.
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I own a Kawai guitar. They stopped making them decade ago. If you search my first posts you will see some of the pictures.