i currently have a roland cube 20x, and im not sure if its a good for metallica, so what kinda amp do you guys recommend,


i also have a epi les paul with emgs (actives)

and a MT-2
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i can get a pretty decent metallica sound out of mine

But since you have EMGs? active? apprently it doesn't sound that good out of a SS amp

Try treble at 6-7 mids at about 3-2 and bass at either full or half around that area and then try some enter sandman riffs etc

maybe gain at 6 or 7 as well
It should be good for Metallica..

It had a rectifier setting right?

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I recommend not playing metallica.

Or ever using an MT-2. EVER. Most garbage pedal of all time.

You'd rather use a Metal Core to a Metal Zone?
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