Alright guys i need to buy a bass but i am stuck (still) at WHICH one ... help me out will you please ??

the shortlisted guitars are-
Cort Curbow-5
Cort C5H
Ibanez GSR 205
and a Dean Edge1

so which one should i go for ??

oh and i already decided my amp .. its a Laney RB1

Ibanez the build quality is superb also good choice on the amp its a good starting amp.
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The guy who owns my local guitar shop switched to a Curbow last year and told me he is unlikely to ever play any other brand in future, That's impressive.
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Well, the B5 does have some nice circuitry, and Bartolinis. I guess that would be the main difference between that and the C5H. Either way, with Cort you'll great value for money.
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I own a dean edge-1. an older one. the newer ones don't sound as good and feel worse to play...which is pretty bad because my dean is pretty crappy feel-wise. I'd avoid it personally.

That leaves the cort and the ibanez. Haven't played a Cort myself but I've heard good things

I'm a huge ibanez fan and others have/will agree that they make good basses, especially in the budget range. my vote goes to the ibanez.
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I am mainly guitar and drums, but I do have to have a bass for recording (solo project) and I find that Ibanez is pretty quality for what they have, so I am naturally going to say the Ibana, go for it. I wouls stay away from Dean, if they're anything like guitars.
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The Cort B5 is great in terms of tone and versatility, and the neck is really smooth. It's bass that's great for all styles and when you buy a Cort, you're paying for quality not just a brand name on the headstock.
Cort is easily the best company there for quality, feel, tone and everything else. Considering how many other company bass guitars they produce, there outstanding. They also make G&L, Lakland, squier and otheres there. They easily beat all your other options. Cort it is.
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I say Ibanez
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Doesn't Cort make the GSR series anyway?

Apart from the Dean, any of those will be just fine...pick the one that appeals to you the most. Build quality and tone won't be very different between the brands.
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aye that be true with ye GSR.

I'd go with cort, any of the mentioned choices are great
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Thanks Alot all of you for the advice !! I really couldnt have done without all your help !! Thanks !
Ibanez on top, Cort second
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